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The 20 Dollar Soda Skateboard...

The skateboard came!!! So excited at how this turned out. Mimic skateboards did a great job producing the deck. I kind of want to go out and ride it right now. Took some pictures using my new camera, it has a Toy Camera effect, which I am currently overusing, ha, well at least for the first week. Deck

August 2011...

Hey, so I am waiting on a sample skateboard to be delivered featuring some
20 Dollar Soda art. I went with a giant robot terrorizing a city scene whilst a delivery van escapes it's metal feet!!!

The robot is wearing a 20 Dollar Soda decal, BAD NEWS. I built a lot of the art using the illustrator perspective tool. It took some getting used to , but I was really happy with the result. It took a lot of the work out of perspective drawing.