August 2011...

Hey, so I am waiting on a sample skateboard to be delivered featuring some
20 Dollar Soda art. I went with a giant robot terrorizing a city scene whilst a delivery van escapes it's metal feet!!!

The robot is wearing a 20 Dollar Soda decal, BAD NEWS. I built a lot of the art using the illustrator perspective tool. It took some getting used to , but I was really happy with the result. It took a lot of the work out of perspective drawing.

I have ordered it from Mimic Skateboards. Mimic is actually based in Huntington Beach CA. A pretty good place for skateboarding.

I spoke to the owner, Jess, a few times over email about the process and am excited to see how the final product will turn out with the goal of ordering more to sell on the site.

As soon as it comes in I will post pictures....



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